Teledyne Hanson Research
Teledyne Hanson Research
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Industry: Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Founded: 1951

Hanson Research was established in 1951 by William A. (“Bill") Hanson, Ph.D., founder of modern dissolution test technology. Bill Hanson’s passion and contribution to the life sciences laid the strong foundation and spirit that Hanson Research proudly continues as thought leaders in the industry. Hanson Research was acquired by Teledyne Instruments in December 2016. 

At Teledyne Hanson, we apply our half-a-century of research, service, and expertise in designing premium test systems for tablet dissolution, topical, and transdermal testing for use in both QC and R&D laboratories. Our instruments are built to outperform, which makes testing better, faster, and easier so that scientists can focus on innovative research and discovery for the betterment of human life.

At Teledyne Hanson, care and respect for the individual are of the utmost importance, and we endeavor to maintain that spirit in all interactions within and outside our organization. We hold the highest commitment to quality and our international ISO 9001 quality program. We make this commitment by manufacturing our entire line of test instruments in the United States to meet the high quality standards our customers expect and to support local businesses and communities. We take pride in the customer satisfaction we provide throughout the United States and in six continents worldwide.